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Welcome to this online resource for further reading on the subject of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga.

The aim of this page is to set out to inspire and enthuse the reader by raising awareness and understanding of key aspects of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga, for those who wish to read more beyond what is available on the rest of the site.

A Brief History of the Roots of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga - Who Was Shantam Dheeraj? (Kalpa Buchner)

A Slightly More Detailed History of Dheeraj, Kalpa and the Development of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga (Simon Rees and Kalpa Buchner)

A Favourite Passage from Mystic Osho on the Mystery of Life (Osho)

NEW! - Interview with Kalpa Buchner (1) (Interviewed by Akampa, 2007)

NEW! - Interview with Kalpa Buchner (2) (Interviewed by Nitya, 2007)

What Has Tibetan Pulsing Yoga Got to do With Tibet? (Simon Rees)

What Has Tibetan Pulsing Yoga Got to do With Buddhism? (Simon Rees)

Who is Tibetan Pulsing Yoga For, and What Does It Do? (Simon Rees)

Tibetan Pulsing Yoga vs. Other Methods of Bodywork - Comparing Different Levels of Touch (Simon Rees)

A Brief Introduction to the '24 Lights,' How Tibetan Pulsing Yoga Works and What Makes It Such a Brilliant System (Simon Rees)

What Takes Place in a Tibetan Pulsing Yoga Session? (Simon Rees)



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