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If you would like to share feedback or contributions relating to this site, please email the website author Simon Rees - and be sure to add the word "PULSING" somewhere in the subject box to ensure it gets through the spam filters, because we get a lot of spam! (Also: If you do not get a reply, do not hesitate to write again in case your email was accidentally filtered as spam and not read).

If you would like to obtain Tibetan Pulsing Yoga books, please contact the Padmasambhava Association.

If you would like to inquire further about Tibetan Pulsing Yoga events, beyond the information already listed at this site on the Course Information, Course Programme and other pages, contact Tibetan Pulsing Yoga UK if you are in the UK or Ireland, or contact the Padmasambhava Association or other Tibetan Pulsing friends listed at the Tibetan Pulsing Yoga Worldwide page.


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