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 The Padmasambhava AssociationPadmasambhava Association Logo, by Socrates

The Padmasambhava Association (Padmasambhava e.V., Germany) is an international centre of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga courses and creativity.

People from all over the world travel to attend a varied programme of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga events organised by the Padmasambhava Association. The location for their programme of events is the Tibetan Pulsing House in the Black Forest, a beautiful and accessible location in the south of Germany.

The aim of the Padmasambhava Assocation is to support the effort to keep Shantam Dheeraj's vision alive and flourishing.

The Padmasambhava programme includes regular events devoted to the work which Shantam Dheeraj and his pulsing friends created during his lifetime, such as the New Mind, the Intensive, the Temple and others.

The Padmasambhava programme also features new creative work and transmissions in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga which Kalpa has continued to develop since Dheeraj’s death.

This includes, for example, exploring in detail the correlations between astrology and Tibetan Pulsing Yoga which Dheeraj had previously described briefly but which had not yet been worked out and presented via in-depth group processes. This incorporates reading the horoscope in the eyes, an exciting new branch of Tibetan Pulsing eye-reading, as well as the formulation of a new experience and understanding of how and why the various planetary bodies and star signs impact on our organs and state of being.

Black Forest VenueOther new work on the programme includes the ongoing presentation of workshops forming new parts of the Light Waves, a profound body of work which, as a companion to the New Mind, focuses on the same organs but in a different way. These groups provide access to our emotional identifications by exploring and transforming the relationship between organs.

In my experience, attending events presented by the Padmasambhava Association and their pulsing friends is invariably a great joy and pleasure, because of the outstandingly beautiful retreat locations, as well as the high quality and depth of understanding and devotion I see going into the groups themselves, and of course because of the friendly and hospitable atmosphere of all the pulsing friends involved.


Padmasambhava Association Programme of Events

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