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 Tibetan Pulsing Yoga UK

Tibetan Pulsing Yoga UK is a branch of Tibetan Pulsing World which has been established in Britain and Ireland by various pulsing friends including Shanti Jane Rees and Simon Rees. Pulsing events take place on a periodic basis. Sometimes I participate or assist in them to help support the growth and enjoyment of pulsing in this part of the world.


The New Mind

New Mind groups (for any of the 24 different organ circuits) take place periodically in Torquay, Devon, England, led by Shanti Jane.

Details of the next scheduled groups will be posted here when the next ones are organised.




An Introduction to Tibetan Pulsing Yoga:

The Butterfly's Transformation

Periodic Introductory Event in Torquay, Devon, England

Dates of the next introductory events will be posted here when the next ones are organised

This workshop is led by Shanti Jane and Simon Rees

Very limited spaces are available, so early booking is always essential.

The venue is located within walking distance of the seaside in Torquay, a town famous for its varied beaches (and for allegedly having the most pleasant climate in England - with Palm trees alongside the 'English Riviera'!)

During this weekend we give a broad, general and experiential introduction to Tibetan Pulsing Yoga based on our decades of experience at pulsing groups around the world. The workshop includes:

  • Exchanges between participants of introductory Tibetan Pulsing Yoga sessions working on the Cerebellum bio-electrical circuit (circuit of the butterfly), using different positions and points of contact - all of which are comfortable, enjoyable and easy to learn - within a supportive, friendly and fun environment. These positions include, for example, gently holding parts of the spinal column, and relaxing tensions in the shoulders and arms.

  • An introduction to the extraordinary pulsing method of touch - which is unlike any other form of touch - and how to both give and enjoy receiving a pulsing session.

  • Learning how to feel the 'pulsebeat' and enter a deep state of relaxation.

  • Enjoying the sharing of an open and friendly space with others in a warm and hospitable environment.

  • An overview of the purpose, aims and background of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga.

  • An experience and insight into the so-called 'collective unconscious' of humanity, through working on the Cerebellum bio-electrical circuit - the seat of the collective unconscious - and a dive down into the workings of the unconscious mind which takes the helm at night during our dreamstate.

  • An introduction to the use of sound and music in Pulsing, with exercises in self-expression and in listening to the emotional vibration of different sounds.

  • An introduction to a whole new perspective on the cinema and what it reveals about ourselves, our organs and the collective unconscious of humanity.

  • An introduction to Tibetan iridology (eye-reading), using magnifiers to study each other's irises, with a focus on markings and colourings in the Cerebellum section of each iris.

  • An introduction to the four centres - hara, heart, mind and unison - and to the seven phases of development in any life experience.

  • An introduction to the use of movement and dance in Pulsing.

  • An introduction to the use of colours, symbolism and expressive artwork in Pulsing.

  • An introduction to the preparation and performance of live theatre scenes for personal transformation, insight, entertainment and fun.

All of the above activities are organised in a relaxed, fun and supportive way - and most importantly, you don't need to be "good at" any of these things! The ways in which we employ sound, movement, artwork, theatre, etc., are different to normal, so everyone will be learning to use them in new ways they most likely won't have tried before.

Each activity will be easily learned, and done for personal enjoyment, benefit and insight, with plenty of assistance, and no need to feel concerned about what the others might be thinking. However, if there is any particular activity you want to take a rest from during any part of the weekend, that is fine too (and we will be covering a diverse range of activities each day anyway, so before long you would find that we were onto the next activity). As a general rule, when people first try out Tibetan Pulsing Yoga they may feel worried if they will be able to do it well, and concerned what the others might be thinking, whereas in fact the groups are run in such a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment that these concerns end up being a non-issue, because each person is too busy enjoying the process to remember to be worried!

Come and join us at one of these events for a taster of this beautiful yoga technique, whenever new dates are offered. Don't miss them because these introductory workshops are not offered very often on account of our busy schedules elsewhere!


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